small ensemble

Dance With The Departed

Trumpet and electronics
Written for Andy Kozar and premiered by him at Spectrum NYC, Jan. 2016

Two for Three

Trio for Oboe, Bassoon, and Violin

String Quartet No. 2


A song of ruth

Written for loadbang. Baritone voice, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, electronics. First performance November 2013, Brooklyn, NY. Text freely adapted by Gary Philo from the Book of Ruth, 1st chapter.

Duo for Clarinet and Marimba

Written for Transient Canvas: Amy Advocat Clarinets, and Matt Sharrock, Marimba and Percussion. First performance September 27, 2012, Somerville, Mass.

3 Pieces for Violin and Piano

Premiered June 4, 2012, on the Tribeca New Music Festival, by Mary Rowell, violin, and Geoffrey Burleson, piano
1. Blue City 2. Evening 3. Fling of Spring

I Must Study Politicks and War

Baritone voice, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Clarinet
Text by John Adams | Written for Loadbang | 1st performance December 2011.

Trombone Quartet

Written for The Guidonian Hand
1. Leap of Faith 2. Swirl 3. Rumination

The Guidonian Hand premiering Trombone Quartet, July 5, 2011, NYC The Guidonian Hand performing Trombone Quartet, July 5, 2011, NYC

Burst 2

(alternate version with Clarinet) (2009)


fl,pno, string quartet
1st performance Oct 6, 2008, Cleveland Chamber Collective, Cleveland State University

Cleveland Chamber Collective rehearsing Burst The Cleveland Chamber Collective rehearsing Burst

Lech Lecha

fl/pno/string quartet
dur. 15 min. Written for the Cleveland Chamber Collective. Available at

Sonata for Viola and Piano

(vla/pno) National Endowment Commission dur. 17 min.
1st performance Jordan Hall, Boston, Massachusetts. Marcus Thompson,
vla; Judy Gordon, pno


(fl/cl/vln/vla/vc) dur. 13 min.
1st performance Wellesley Composers Conference, Efrain Guigui, conductor

String Trio

(vln/vla/vc) dur. 10 mins.
1st performance McMillin Theatre, NYC

Gary Philo’s String Trio is a knotty, closely argued and not immediately prepossessing work in two movements…
— Tim Page, The New York Times


(vln/vla/cb) dur. 11.mins.
Written for Mary Rowell, vln, Marlow
Fisher, vla, Jonathan Storck, cb

Bagatelles and Adagio

(4 percussionists) dur. 11 mins.
1st performance Greenwich House, NYC Charles Descarfino, conductor

Two Songs

(mezzo/pno) dur. 5 min.
1st performance Amy Zorn, mezzo, Amy Reich, pno, Greenwich House, NYC

Spring Scenes

(alto sax/pno) dur. 10 mins. Commisioned by Rick Stone. 1st performance Boston MA. Rick Stone,alto sax, David Bieri, pno.

Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano

(cl/vln/pno) dur. 14 mins. Commissioned by the Harvard-Radcliffe Chamber Ensemble 1st Performance
Sanders Theater, Cambridge, MA

Out on Maneuvers

(fl/cl/vln/vc) dur. 10 mins. 1st performance Composers in Red Sneakers,Cambridge, MA

large ensemble

Nocturne for Orchestra

First in a series of pieces for large orchestra.

Five Pieces for String Orchestra

Written for CIAO!, conducted by James Bergin. These pieces were written with players of intermediate abilities in mind.

Spring Music

(for Orchestra) dur. 5.5 minutes 1st performance by the Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra, David Stock, conductor, Katowice, Poland. Available at MMC Recordings, and

Spring Music by Gary Philo manages to be showy while avoiding . . . more predictable approaches, opting instead for an unusual juxtaposition of Impressionist and Expressionist writing. Philo’s aforementioned style mix is handled expertly well, somehow managing to let its two approaches coexist smoothly. And the work’s structural sense is both expertly outlined and unusual.
— David Cleary , 21st Century Music

Music for 15 Instruments

1 perc/pno/2vlns/vla/vc/cb) dur 14 mins.
1st performance Tanglewood Music Center, Marin Alsop, conductor

Three Impromptus

vla/vc/cb) dur. 9 mins.
1st performance, Wellesley Composers Conference, Efrain Guigui, conductor

A Changing Life

(2/2/2/2,/2/1/1/2perc/hp/strings) dur. 14 mins
1st performance Boston Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra, Gunther Schuller,conductor Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA.

Three Pieces for Orchestra

(2/2/2/1/;1/2/0/0/; timp/; strings) dur. 10 mins.
Commissioned by the New England Conservatory Youth Orchestra 1st performance New England Conservatory Youth Orchestra, James Bergin, cond.

Two Pieces for Children’s String

dur. 6 mins. 1st performance Concord, MA. James Bergin, conductor

Outbursts and Reflections

(2/2/2/2/;4/2/3/1/; 1 perc/;harp/pno/strings) dur. 7 mins.
Commissioned by the Vermont Philharmonic 1st performance Montpelier,


Fantasia Capriccio for Solo Violin

Premiered by Emily Kalish, 8/2014, New York City. Written in honor of Mario Davidovsky’s 80th birthday.

Two Pieces for Solo Violin

Written for Emily Kalish, who premiered them in October, 2013
1. Lament 2. I will not be afraid

Fantasia For Violin Solo

dur 9 mins. 1st performance by Mary Rowell, McMillin Theatre, NYC

Nocturne for Solo Cello, a meditation

Early Darling Morning

Solo harp


solo piano

Three Pieces for Piano

1st performance Weill Recital Hall, NYC, Nicholas Underhill. Available on Capstone Records and at
1. Tumble 2. Meditazione 3.Perambulate

Gary Philo’s Three Pieces are compact musings on atmosphere and poetic gesture, with rhythmic surprises, sudden silences and lyrical sighs to keep the movements in arresting motion.

— Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone

Two Pieces for Solo Piano

dur. 11 mins. 1st performance Composers in Red Sneakers. Nicholas Underhill, pno.


for Solo Piano
dur. 12 mins. 1st performance New England Conservatory, Nicholas Underhill, pno.

Sonatina for Viola Solo

Written for Marlow Fisher, viola

Three Dances for Solo Viola

dur. 9 min. 1st performance, Bloomington Indiana. Rebecca Henry, vla.

Black Elk

(viola solo) dur. 5 mins. 1st performance James Bergin


Dance With The Departed

Trumpet and electronics
Written for Andy Kozar and premiered by him at Spectrum NYC, Jan. 2016

Serenade for a summer evening

electronic sounds
Premiered at the Tenri Cultural Institute in New York City, November 2012, as part of a concert honoring Mario Davidovsky, sponsored by APNM.

Summers End

(tape/dancers) dur. 20 mins. Commissioned by the Bicycle Shop Dance Company, Brooklyn, NY. 1st performance at the Ohio Theater, NYC (1984)


dur. 6 mins. 1st performance at the Ohio Theater, NYC